Ok, so this is important for you to know prior to viewing any images I've made over the years. I encourage you to read this...

I've been photographing weddings around the United States, and in some cases the world, for just about a decade. I've photographed roughly 400 weddings ranging from 3 people (bride and groom and myself) to 500 people. I have experience in every situation you can think of... hurricanes, tropical storms, snowstorms, dark venues, all outdoor venues, etc. I'm not telling you this to show off at all... but to let you know WHY you pay for a professional photographer... Experience. Safety. Control of situations.

In this day and age with high quality cameras everywhere and availability of social media platforms, models, and editing presets... practically anyone can be a photographer. That used to be something funny we'd say in the industry because it seemed that way... but its not funny anymore. Everyone is. Look around to your friends and family and acquaintances online - everyone has a mobile phone with an amazing camera and more than likely several have wonderful DSLR cameras. And in all seriousness I bet at least one or two of them are out hustling to be a wedding or portrait photographer. But what most of them lack, and what is needed, is experience.

I don't photograph weddings like most photographers. I don't use the same gear. I don't edit the same way. I don't like going to the same places. I like to do my own thing and experience a wedding in my own way because your wedding isn't like everyone else's... its unique. There is safety in trends but I'm not a safe person. If you'd like wedding photography that is similar to everyone else - you may not enjoy my work and thats completely okay. I encourage you to find a photographer you love. But if you do enjoy being different, or having a different style of photography for your wedding day, then maybe we are match. The following galleries will show you an extremely small sample of what I've done over the years and if, after you view them, you find you enjoy my style and vibe I encourage you to reach out... lets talk.