Sarah & Dan | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I just realized every time I met up with Sarah & Dan, the weather was crazy.  When we first met it rained ... the engagement session was made beautiful by a wonderful snowfall, and at their wedding it rained and had some nice thunderstorms.  You guys should take this as positive signs ;) Their outside vineyard wedding was beautiful ... and the ceremony was completed before the rain started.  I didn't mind the rain though ... it makes all the colors more rich and vivid!

Even after it rained ... a lot ... they were still married.  And I'd like to add they were willing to do whatever I asked - which is awesome.  I had Sarah outside at 10pm in the rain, in a thunderstorm none-the-less, taking pics.  Now thats dedication!

I'm glad to have met the two of you and I wish you a wonderful marriage.

Thanks again to Trinity from Summer House Photo for assisting me ...