Ramiza + Wahaj | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer .. in Dallas

14 years. The last time it was as cold in Dallas as it was for Ramiza & Wahaj's wedding was 14 years ago.  In fact, it was colder in Dallas then it was in Philly that 2nd weekend in January.  Fortunately, Wahaj is from Connecticut, so he is used to the cold ... same for me living in Philly.  Ramiza, not so much ;)  But she was a trooper and brushed off the cold and did what we needed to.  But just like lots of other weddings with odd weather situations, the wedding went on ... and in the end, they were married.  This wedding consisted of 3 beautiful events over 3 days.  The one posted here was on Friday, which was the day of the actual ceremony.

Congratulations Ramiza & Wahaj, we'll make sure the next time we meet up it is somewhere warm!