Michelle + Javan. A Todos Santos, Baja Mexico Wedding.

My buddy Collin, who is an amazing photographer, always try to sync up our schedules and shoot together.  It doesn't really matter where it is or what we are photographing, just as long as we get to hang out and create images.  So earlier this year when we were reviewing our plans for the busy wedding season we pretty much found one open date where it could work.  It just so happened to be a wedding in Mexico.  Perfect. Besides the time we just spent wandering around, we had a killer wedding to photograph.  Michelle and Javan picked an amazing location for their wedding and they were rewarded with an amazing day.  Its nice to get out of the unpredictable weather that is Philadelphia and head shoot somewhere the weather is pretty much always nice.  All year.  The forecast barely changed the whole time.  Sometimes I forget how much of a difference a location and weather matters as a photographer.  And at the same time its always wonderful to be inspired and to test yourself somewhere new.

So here is my point of view from the day.  I hope you like it.