Kristin + Dylan. A Holly Hedge Estates Wedding in New Hope, PA.

I remember walking around with Kristin and Dylan during their engagement session and having Kristin pick out spots she thought I'd love.  She would see shadows and slivers of light where the sun hit a wall and instantly recognize it as something I would enjoy.  She knew I was instantly drawn to them and thats why she wanted me to photograph their wedding.  She understood my vision and I can't thank her enough.  That is the ultimate blessing for a photographer and I truly appreciate it. They put together a killer wedding at  Holly Hedge Estates just outside of New Hope, PA and man they scored a beautiful day.  Plenty of sunshine, not too hot or cold, great people.  They deserved a wonderful wedding and I believe that got it.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their day.  Thanks to my trusty assistant, George Weiss, for a frame or two in this mix.