Jocelyn + Leif. Married.

Picture this. Its a beautiful sunny day and off in the distance you hear the roar of a plane.  At first you think, hey, its just a normal passenger plane.  But as the sound of the engines grows stronger and louder you realize its not.  Its more like a jet. As the jet picks up speed drawing closer to you, you realize its a fighter jet.  And even if you are NOT a fan of planes, you still know there is something kick-ass about a fighter jet.  Just as the jet nears, your super power vision kicks in ( i know, just deal with it) and in control of the beast is a 5'7" (i think i gave her a few inches) woman wearing Christian Loubouton shoes and a hand-made, vintage white dress is cruising at an extremely high rate of speed with an enormous smile on her face.  Ok, perhaps I embellished it a little, but after meeting Joss for the first time at her wedding, something like that came to mind : ). Why?  Because Joss is a fighter pilot in the US Navy.  And ever since i found that out I had to put it in my blog post.  She had no chance :)

Meet Joss + Leif.  Two wonderful people ... now both are part of the family.

Joss - + Leif were married at the historic Brome Howard Inn in southern Maryland, right along the Chesapeake Bay.

Thanks to my bud Scotty at Think Photographics for shooting with me that day.  Go check him out ... he rocks.