Jennifer + Matt. Married.

The tagline leading up to this night was "history will be made." I would like to say it was ONLY due to Jen and Matt getting married, but there was another reason as well.  The Flyers were in game 7 with the Bruins and battling it out to move on.  Throughout the evening, people were trying to access scores on their phones but due to our location, but data service was spotty.  For some reason, a few of us - including myself - were able to see the score to update both Jen and Matt ... who happen to be big Flyers fans.  So when the Flyers won, coming back and winning after being down 3 games to 0 ... Jen and Matt took over the mic and announced the win to the crowd.  It was rad.  It was history.  Only 2 other teams have done it in hockey history.  Normally i wouldn't mention sports in a wedding post, but this was something different.  Something unique.  Something the both of them will remember for the rest of their lives ... together.  Married.

On this night, history WAS made.

Check out the venue ... Brandywine Manor House