Jane + Joseph. Married at Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.

I love different. I'm drawn to anything unique and eclectic.  So when Jane told me about her wedding I was immediately excited.

Limo to the reception?  Nah.  School bus.  Traditional bridesmaids dresses?  Nah.  Pink prom dresses.  Flowers?  Well, kinda.  Except they bought them at a drugstore 5 minutes before leaving for the ceremony.

This is just a sampling of the different things they did.  I loved it.  I loved documenting it and being a part of it.  For them, it was mixing in the traditional customs of weddings with ideas and styles they loved as well.  They wanted the best of both worlds and I think they accomplished that.

Thanks to my trusty assistant George for snagging a few of these frames.