Grace + Mike. Married at One Atlantic in Atlantic City.

April is one of those crazy weather months in the Northeast.  You could be blessed with an amazing, 70 degree day full of sunshine and warmth.  Or you could, dare i say "blessed," with a 35 degree day with 40mph winds and rain - just miserable.  For Grace + Mike, they got both ends of the spectrum over one weekend.  Friday was gorgeous ... one of those spring teaser days.  Saturday, their wedding day, was a completely different story.  Flood, wind, and storm warnings were posted up and down the coast and of course, its much worse at the beach which is where their wedding was being held.  Fortunately inside. None of this mattered to them though.  It was awesome to see Grace and Mike have a blast regardless of the weather.  They quite literally blew it off (pun intended).  It didn't matter what mother nature would throw at them that day .. they were getting married.  And thats what mattered the most.

Venue:  One Atlantic

A quick shout out goes to my assistant George - he snagged a couple of the shots of Mike.