Gloria + Ryan. Married at Bluemont Vineyard in Virginia.

Foggy Bottom Road. Thats the name of the road where Bluemont Vineyard is located.  Can anything NOT be cool on a road named Foggy Bottom?  As my buddy Jesse and I turned on to the road to scout the location we knew it was going to be a great gig.  The night before the sun was shining bright making the fields of grass shine as bright as the sun.  It was golden.  So so good.  We were pumped to get back there the next day.

But just like most of this summer, mother nature didn't want to give up her treasures on the actual wedding day.  Instead, she dished out some clouds.  But fortunately, no rain.  In hindsight, it didn't really matter.  Gloria and Ryan were still going to be married regardless of the weather.  They were still going to be excited.  They were still going to laugh, hug, cry, kiss, and party.

And that they did.

Congratulations to you both.

A quick shout out goes to Jesse Ryan for helping me out and providing me some great shots throughout the day.