Dominika + Conor. Married at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ.

Sometimes, as a wedding photographer, I come across a venue that stays in my mind for a long time.  I'm positive there are many photographers this happens to as well.  These special places stay at the forefront of my thoughts when the idea of a great location arises.  Dominika and Conor chose to get married at one of these venues ...  Skylands Manor.  I had never heard of this place and didn't know what to expect.  So when I arrived the morning of their wedding day my jaw dropped.  The manor house and extended property were breathtaking.  The sun was out.  The temperature was a perfect 70-75 degrees.  Nestled in the middle of a state park is this beautiful place.  As with most gems, you would never know it was there. By noon I was already in my happy place.  There is not much better than arriving to an amazing location and being instantly inspired.  The only thing that could have made the day better was awesome people.  And that was the case for this wedding.  I knew Dominika and Conor were going to be amazing clients from when we first started talking.  They understood my vision and were psyched about my images from the get go.  When that happens you can't help but to look forward to the wedding day.

Everything came together.  It was a truly wonderful day.  And fortunately, I have pictures to prove it: (A quick shout out to my friend Carly who assisted me)