Daniela & Seth | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

So lets just say it rained on their wedding day.  No, it poured.  Non-stop ... for hours.  All due to Hurricane Danny of the coast.  But somehow, we fit the ceremony in.  Yes, it was the quickest ceremony ever ... and yes it was on the beach ... and yes, HUGE dark storm clouds approached from the south just teasing us with thunder and lighting.  But it happened.  And thats about the last time we did anything outside.  Even when the rain let up for a few minutes and we decided to sneak in some shots on the beach ... it realized what we were trying to do and offered up a new round of heavy rain.  Only this time, we were stuck under a tent on the beach ... in the pouring rain.  But hey, they're going to remember it right?  Because of all the rain, we actually got together again after they got back from their honeymoon and did a few extra shots ... wouldn't you know it ... the skies looked exactly the same. This was definitely a wedding i'll never forget ... thats for sure.  Congratulations Daniela & Seth, i wish you a wonderful and happy marriage !!