Andrea & Dave | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I remember meeting Andrea & Dave last year ... at Texas Roadhouse for lunch.  They were planning for a 2010 wedding and it was all good ... then, very soon after, it changed to a 2009 wedding :)  No prob ... the day was still open.  It went by quick, real quick.  Just like it always does.  They both stayed relaxed - and I was looking forward to a "chill" wedding.  The day went by without a hitch.  Yeah, I kept them a tad to long for their portrait session ... but hey, I'm just doin my job, right?  I even snagged them out of the reception to do some cool night shots outside (last few pics). Congratulations Andrea & Dave ... I wish you a happy and wonderful marriage!!

A special thanks again to Stephanie ... who assisted me.  And my friend Kim did the wedding day planning.