Sarah & Dan Engagement

I don't even know how to start this post ... what a crazy day it was!! A while ago we planned for a winter engagement shoot at Sarah's family's vineyard where there is a small cabin and a pond.  We wanted a winter shoot that involved the frozen pond and ice skating, so we waited for the right time.  We figured it would be a bonus if there was snow on the ground making the shoot more memorable.  The only problem was that we had no idea when we could do it ... we were at the mercy of the weather!  Everything had to line up perfectly to get do shoot the way we wanted ... lucky for us it did ... perhaps TOO good.  Sarah called me on a Friday evening a few weeks back and said the pond was completely frozen.   On top of that, snow was in the forecast for the following day ... AND ... i didn't have any other plans!  The only issue was the pending snow storm ... and since the cabin isn't right around the corner, i wasn't sure if we'd be able to do it.  The final decision was made early Saturday - it had barely snowed ... i couldn't pass up the chance to do an engagement shoot in the snow, on a pond, all while ice skating ... so i went for it.  And since my wife and kids had no plans, we figured it would be fun if we all went ... they got to ice skate for the first time. 

The shoot went great and we had a ton of fun ... and lucky for us, about halfway thru it the snow really started coming down - which looked amazing!  I was so stoked i was doing the shoot, what i was NOT thinking about was getting home.  It just kept snowing, and it was getting heavier by the minute.  Kathleen and i made a really quick decision ... we had to get out ... quick ... or we'd be stuck.  We had to go over a mountain to get back and we weren't sure what the roads were like ... and we don't have 4 wheel drive.  We found out 2 minutes after leaving when we got stuck going up a hill.  It was like that the rest of the way home - at one point i was running behind the car pushing it while Kathleen kept her foot on the gas!.  Needless to say a 2hr trip turned into almost 4 !!  But in the end ... we made it home safe, and i got some great pics.  I quickly realized i would do pretty much anything for an awesome shoot :)  So while viewing these, remember the hard work ... sweat ... cold fingers ... and determination that went into it ... haha ... or just enjoy the pics ;)

And this came up in the comments ... yes, i WAS on skates ... the entire shoot :)

Sarah & Dan's wedding is in July ...