Brianna + Ewan.

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to meet and hang out with other photographers.  Social networking has given us the chance to mingle, without having to go anywhere.  Every now and then you strike up a conversation with someone that you feel comfortable with.  Along the way we become close to some of those people.  Stronger friendships develop.  Get-togethers happen.  Relationships bloom.  After all, having photography in common is a great ice breaker. But now and then you strike up a friendship with a person/s that you connect very well with.  Conversations develop and happen easily.  Sarcasm is understand.  Similarities in personalities seem endless.

I struck up one of these friendships with Brianna and Ewan early in 2010.  We chatted via all the wonderful social networking tools out there ... about photography, our kids, life in general.  The downside to these friendships is that more often than not, face to face connection is rare.  I've made friends all across the world - some of which i may unfortunately never get to meet in person.  Brianna and Ewan, however, live relatively close.  A measly 9 1/2 hr drive from me.  Not far in the grand scheme of things but far enough where a coffee or dinner is not happening.  So when I booked a NYE wedding just outside of Buffalo, the idea of meeting up started brewing.  They live in London, Ontario ... roughly a 3hr drive from where my wedding was.  Not too bad.

So plans were made for me to visit.  The wedding was photographed and the trip up was made.

We all clicked fast.  I do think coming with Starbucks in hand helped a bit.  Ha.  The days I spent with these two were freakin awesome.  We had no set plans.  Just hang out.  I needed that.  As a photographer, we all have lots of sessions and weddings planned out - very detailed in some circumstances.  Our goal was to just do whatever we wanted and that was awesome.

So in the mix I told them i wanted to photograph them as a couple.  They obliged.  Its a bit nerve-racking photographing another photographer.  The whole time you are wondering what they are thinking.  Am I getting good images?  Are they going to be happy with these?  Its especially hard when its a photographer you admire.  Ewan is a wonderful photographer and that was definitely in the back of my mind.  Ha.  They braved the cold (extra props to Brianna for wearing a dress) and I thought my fingers were going to fall off ... but we got it done.

I can't say enough nice things about these two.  They love each other like crazy.  And seriously, they would do anything for you.  I never felt like i was a guest in their home ... I felt like family ... every minute.  And that was amazing.  So thank you, both of you, I am honored to call you friends.

Check out Ewan's work with The Last Forty Percent Photography here.  You can also reach out to them on twitter ... Brianna here and Ewan here.

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