That's What I Do.

Think of a defining moment in your life. Do you have something in mind?

Think of how intimate it was; how emotional you were; how elated, angry, scared, anxious, or upset you felt.

Take your time.  Please.

Think about all the moments surrounding that moment.  Even though the incident you are recalling didn't last a split second, more than likely one specific visual image comes to mind.  Do you have one?  That image is burned into your memory.  Its always there, waiting to be brought forward at any point you'd like.

One moment frozen in time.

That's what I do.

Imagine if a photographer was present at each of those defining moments secretly capturing what is playing out in front of their eyes.  Maybe you knew they were there, maybe you didn't.  The pictures you would have would be intense, alive, and full of emotion.  Rather than just a memory you would have a gift of an image.  Right there in front of you.  How amazing would that be?  How powerful would those pictures be?  Could you ever put a value on them?

That's what I do.

In every one of those memories you drum up, in each image that comes to mind as a smile or frown comes across your face, how many of them would involve you looking and smiling at a camera.  If it involves another person, would you be looking at each other or at a camera?  If its just you, where would you be looking?  At a camera?  No, you wouldn't.  Moments like that aren't planned.  They are not set up, directed, or staged.  They are real.  Alive.  Together.  Apart.  Wherever they are or whatever is involved, those moments are part of a group.  I believe they should be captured in the same way.  A series of true frames that tell a complete story.

That's what I do.

I do my best to relate to you.  I do my best to make you comfortable so I can tell that story.  We hang out, we laugh, we talk, and we have fun.  I'm not doing this to provide you with generic images.  This isn't just a business to me. This is my passion.  I do this to capture your relationship with a camera; to capture those small moments that make up your life.  Those little things that make you who you are are what I love the most.  I'd be willing to bet its what your partner, spouse, friend, or family member loves the most as well.  I document those.  I prove to you it happened.

When you recalled those memories from 5, 10, even 20 years ago you thought of a single moment, a picture.  Perhaps you are thinking of another one right now.  In 5,10, 20 years from now I don't want you to have to think of that moment, I want you to see it.  In print.  Right there before your eyes.  You won't need to remember anything.  I took care of that for you.

That's what I do.

And I love what I do.