Reshape & Evolve.

I want to change how things are done. Yes, its been said a million times.  Its been attempted a million times.  It has failed a million times.  But yet, for some reason - people keep trying.  Driven by change, adversity and the prospect of something greater.  Something that has never been done.  Prestige perhaps.  Popularity even.  Or maybe just self satisfaction.

I have a vision.  An approach to what i do.  I'm sure some of you reading this feel the same way.  You have this idea in your mind of what you you want your images to look like.  The end result you picture is so powerful and dynamic.  You know what you want but you JUST can't reach it.  It always seems to be within arms length but when you actually stretch for it, its just beyond your fingertips.  So close.  Each picture you take could be "the one."  Every single time you hit the shutter you think, this image is "it."  This will make someone happy - or cry.  This image will speak for a generation.  Or change the world.  Every time that shutter opens and closes light is let in to your camera and it is recorded .. either by a memory card or by film.  Either way, that record of light has so much power and meaning.  Could this be the "shot?"  Will this image change my life?

This is fuel for a photographer.  The power of the unknown.

This thought of evolving, of reshaping, the industry pushes me further as an artist.  I want to do something that hasn't been done.  Its out there.  It happens all the time.  I always hear, every shot has been taken - or every musical line has been played.  Yet somehow, something new always develops.  It IS out there.  You just have to have the heart and determination to find it.

This is why with each new wedding season I tell myself I'm going to evolve.  I'm going to reach that image i have in my head.  I'm going to nail that elusive amazing image that no one else has.  The one no one else can even imagine.  I'm going to photograph that session like never before.  I'm going to document that wedding in a way never seen.

I'm going to change how things are done.

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