Lake Placid. A Family Vacation.

Every year, we always plan to take a family vacation and it never works out.  We always end up driving a couple hours to the the Jersey Shore and calling that a vacation.  We've been on a few vacations along with other family members but we had never taken one alone.  Just us.  Somewhere new. So I did some research.

After a few weeks of checking things out I found Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid.   I had wanted to go into the mountains into cooler weather .. not to warmer weather on a beach somewhere like we always do.  I wanted my kids to experience something different.  From reviews and online pics the place looked amazing.  July couldn't come fast enough and we were confident the place would be awesome.  What we weren't prepared for was just HOW awesome it was.  Everything .. the customer service, the location, the amenities, the guests .. everything was top notch.  We were so happy with the place that we actually extended the trip an extra day.  It was perfect in every way.  It was just what we needed in the middle of the year.

The serenity didn't last too long because when we returned home our AC unit died.  So much for relaxing.  Perhaps we had that vacation at the right time to prepare for that experience.  I'll go with that.

So, after hearing my advertisement for the lodge, here are a few pics of the trip.

This is a nice little break in between wedding and portrait posts.  If you are looking for those .. stay tuned .. I've got a ton of amazingness to show off!