Happy & Humbled.

We all have those moments.  Moments where we feel appreciated & loved.  It could be something minor ... or it could be the opposite.  The end result is always the same.  A smile. The past 30 days to me have been some of the most awesome moments in my life.  This is not a "best of 2010 post" ... or a, "look at me" post, or a "Upcoming in 2011" post ... its more of "hey, life is pretty wicked when you step back and look at it" post.

Its just me.  Sharing my life.

Lets start off with my trip to Mexico with my pal Scotty ... a fellow photographer who runs Think Photographics out of Louisville.  Scotty invited me to 2nd shoot for him at a wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (as mentioned in the post prior to this one).  Everything was sick ... the light, the couple, the wedding ... even Scotty (note the terrible joke).  And although our trip was cut a day short, we still had a blast.  Thank you, Scotty, for being a friend and inviting me to be a part of everything.  Here's a few snaps:

The wedding blog, Groom Sold Separately, contacted me a few weeks back to let me know a wedding i photographed - Kristin + Justin - was featured on their blog.  And in addition, I just learned that the same wedding has been nominated in a contest GSS is running for the best weddings of the year.  So if you have some time, head on over there and check out all the awesome nominees - and vote if you feel like it :)  Thanks GSS!

Keeping the blog theme going ... A couple images of mine were also featured on the blog, Ever Ours, which is run by the fabulous Lydia.  Lydia has a great eye for photography - which is awesome ( although I am a bit biased).  I had an image featured in the Best of 2010 Weddings & Best of 2010 Engagements.  Thank you, Lydia ... you know I love your blog!  You can also follow her on Twitter here.

And last about blogs ... A wedding image of mine from the wedding of Karen + Brian was selected as one of Junebug's Best of the Best 2010.  Please take a few minutes and check out ALL the amazing images that were selected.  I am humbled to be included amongst amazing images and photographers.  Thank you Junebug, for featuring an image of mine!

On to publications ... A few images from a wedding I photographed last fall - Alisha + Jake - was featured in The Knot: Pennsylvania & Delaware edition.

Friends.  This has been the one that has been the best.  I have gained so many new friends in the photography world this year ( you know who you are ) that I am so thankful for ... but being that this post is geared towards the past 30 days I wanted note a few I finally had the chance to meet up with.

I mentioned Scotty above ... I got to work with him earlier this year and then in Mexico ... and hopefully in the future as well.  You can see his work here and follow him on Twitter here.  Scotty is a good dude!

Collin Hughes.  I finally got to meet up with this guy when he 2nd shot for me at a New Years wedding.  He flew into Philly a couple days prior to chill with me and my family.  Collin is a legit photographer and I'm jealous of his youth.  Watch out for this guy.  Seriously.   Check out his work here and here and follow him on Twitter here.  You rock Collin.  I can't wait to shoot with you again!  I also did some photographs of Collin so when i get them back I'll post a few.

And last in the friends category ... Brianna + Ewan.  After my New Years wedding I had the pleasure of staying with Brianna & Ewan of The Last Forty Percent Photography.  They live in London, Ontario which was only a few short hours away from the wedding I had.  So I made the drive there.  Seriously amazing.  We didn't have major plans - we just hung out.  We talked about photography, family and life.  We connected.  I also had the fortune of photographing them ... and I can't wait to see the images from the session.  Brianna & Ewan .. you know how I feel about you guys.  Cheers to our future! You can see their work here and follow them on Twitter here and here.

And finally ... a shout out to my family.  Our holidays rocked.  I think we had the best Christmas ever as a family.  And although i was away for quite a bit - i still felt fulfilled with family moments.  If it weren't for my wife, Kathleen, none of this would be possible.  She is crazy supportive of what I do and I know I can count on her.  Thank you for everything you do for me, the kids, and everyone else.   You are amazing and loved deeply!

So thats it.  Long?  Probably.  Did i need to do it?  Probably not.  Did I want to do it?  Absolutely.

Thank you to each of you mentioned here and to everyone else out there that supports my work and/or me personally.  You rock.

To life.