DC in an hour ...

... well, actually more like 45 minutes, but that doesn't sound as cool :) So i got the chance to go to Washington, DC for the weekend to shoot 2 engagement sessions.  Original plans were unfortunately changed at the last minute and i ended up going alone. I wasn't sure what to expect from DC.  The last time i was there was on a field trip in 8th grade, so its not like a got to see the actual city - or even remember it :)  I was impressed from the get go ... the city is wonderful!  With minimal high buildings, clean areas, beautiful monuments and architecture ... the city had it all.  Within minutes is historic Georgetown and Alexandria ... and restaurants, shops, museums and different cultures are everywhere!  In just the 28 or so hours i was there i got to experience new foods, new people, new places and AMAZING blooming of the cherry blossoms.

If you get a chance ... go to that.  I already plan on bringing the family back for the cherry blossom festival next year.  You will never forget it - its absolutely breathtaking.  But as always, i had to go ... but i was excited to get home to my family.  The city will make you feel wonderful and proud to be from America ... a land i truly love.

My clients were wonderful ... so thank you to both sets.  A little more will be discussed on about you in the blog post of your session :)  I leave you with some images i snagged in about an hour prior to my 2nd shoot in the morning.  Little did i know .. my hotel was 2 blocks from the White House ... very cool :)



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