If you are not a wedding photographer, odds are you think all wedding photographers shoot 1 day a week, party all night, come home and then hang out all week at home to do nothing.  Then repeat.  If you don't think that drastic then its probably something close.  I tease. If you are a wedding photographer, odds are you know exactly how busy it is from spring to fall.  You know that around august/september you start to crave for a few days off to just relax.  Its not that you dislike being busy - its just you need a few moments to, well, chill.

I had that chance in August and it was a welcome break.  After shooting a wedding on a Monday, my wife flew in from Philly to join me and we stayed a few days and just relaxed.  No kids.  No meetings.  No one else except us.  I was thinking about going into a whole big post about what we did there .. funny things, random things, crazy things.   But as a photographer my job is to tell a story with pictures.  So here is our trip - as told in images.

Oh, and in case you didn't figure it out .. that beautiful woman in many of the shots is my wife.  Yeah, I'm lucky.