Allison. Intern.

Some things happen for a reason. A few months back I became interested in finding an assistant for the office.  I thought of hiring someone.  I thought of an intern.  I thought, and thought.  Weeks went by and I just kept putting it off.  The most likely cause of that is my inability to give up control.  Having an assistant or intern would mean I would have to let go of some things.  Thats not easy.   On top of going thru the trouble of hiring someone, I don't live near very many colleges.  So my chance of finding an intern was very low.

So one day I had enough.  I was about to make a go at it and send out a Twitter and Facebook message to start the process - effectively making the position available.   Just as I was about to do that I get an email from a girl who attends a (somewhat) local college and is looking to intern.  The first email I ever received asking that.  I read it twice.  Local? Really?  Around here, 40 minutes is local ... and good enough!

So I emailed back immediately .. probably surprising Allison.  I was interested as well ... lets meet up.

So we did.  We talked for 2hrs.  She feels how I feel about photography.  To me, that is invaluable.  I said yes in my mind before she even knew it.

So welcome, Allison, to what I love to do.  I'm 100% confident I chose the right person.  And our first order of business?  Stopping by Target to grab some office supplies.

And so it begins ...



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