Britney Model ...

My assistant Shawn and I met up with Britney down in Manayunk (near Philly) for a session last weekend.  This abandoned place was recommended by a friend on flickr whom i think dearly for as it is killer.  The only problem is that we got booted by the police.  Oh well ... we were still able to squeeze in a good hour before they arrived and i fired off a ton of pics prior to them getting there.  Too bad ... we just started gettin into a groove and we had other places to explore.  Needless to say, we still grabbed some sweet shots before heading into the town and finishing up there.   Special thanks to Shawn, my buddy who assisted me ... AND had some sweet ideas!  

I'm assisting an esession tomorrow with my wedding assistant as well as a bunch more of those in the new month.  On the horizon is a maternity session as well ... woot !! 

Enjoy !



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