Megan + Matt. Engagement in Jamaica.

"Heck yeah man!" I believe that was my answer when my buddy Eric asked me to tag along in Jamaica for a wedding.  Monday weddings are great, you don't have to worry about being booked already.

So I boarded a plane and headed on down to the caribbean.  The flight was easy enough - the bus ride to the resort was a different story.  I'll save that for the personal post about the trip.  Never the less, I made it and that evening jumped in on the engagement session Eric had planned for Megan & Matt.  I love 2nd shooting at both weddings and engagements.  I get to tell the story from a different perspective - an outsiders view of what is happening.

Feast your eyes on the engagement session.  The wedding will be next.

For my point of view .. see below. For Eric's point of view ... click here.