Wedding Reality // Weather

Rain, Rain, go away. Come again, no wait, stay.

Rain, or any inclement weather, has a bad reputation when it comes to weddings. Understandably so when you are trying to plan for an outdoor wedding. I get it. Over the years I've been part of many weddings where some sort of inclement weather has threatened to "ruin the party." On the contrary, I've been part of many more weddings that "bad weather" made them memorable!

I've photographed weddings in the midst of large scale tropical storms, unseasonal October snow, lightning storms, and unrelenting downpours. I've been part of weddings that have been threatened by tornado warnings and looming hurricanes. I remember each of them, vividly, because it represented a unique circumstance to alter the day.

A perfect day with the perfect light will always be memorable, that's a non issue. But those imperfect days where it may seem like everything is being ruined by weather, or anything for that matter, are just as memorable - if not more. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

A backyard wedding in the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

A backyard wedding in the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

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