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Colorado and International portrait, wedding, boudoir and editorial photographer based out of Denver.

Danielle & Tommy. A Lake Placid Lodge Wedding.

It was an intimate wedding which didn't call for me to be around for more than a few hours. Winter, that week, had gone missing which left mild temperatures in the Lake Placid region. But the day before Danielle & Tommy's wedding the Old Man arrived back home. And he was apparently moody because he made the temperatures plummet, to below zero. Undeterred by the circumstances presented before them, Danielle & Tommy were determined to get some pictures outside - in the snow - and in -10 degree wind chills. I sometimes forget I'm involved as well, not even thinking about wearing gloves or the correct clothes to make it happen. I'm a 3rd wheel at weddings and I was determined to endure what my couple's do ... and this was no different. So we stepped outside ... 

We fit a lot in those 3hrs I was there ... some getting ready, a first look, ceremony, portraits, and a portion of dinner. But it didn't feel rushed on my end. It's amazing what can be done in such a short period of time and when you are photographing a couple that are game for anything. I'm super proud of Danielle & Tommy making sacrifices to get some pictures that will easily transport them back to their wedding day when they view them in a decade. I couldn't feel my fingers as I changed a roll of film, but I think it was worth it.