Christina & Jenn. A Philadelphia Wedding.

We got in the LYFT outside of the hotel on a 75 degree day in mid February in Philadelphia. 75. No one expected this weather. We had mentally planned for cold, possibly rain, possibly snow, but never sun and 70. It felt like we were cheating. It just felt odd. But it also felt so wonderful that it would line up with one of only 2 winter weddings this year. Ironically, the 2nd winter wedding was by far the coldest day of the year for me with temps below zero. Back to the LYFT ... we got in and told the driver where we wanted to go.

Driver: "Are you both getting married?
J&C: "No, we are getting married?
Driver: "Both on the same day?"
J&C: "No, to each other!"
Driver: (silence)
J&C: "Thats why we said getting into the car that we hope you like gays!"
Driver: "wait, you are getting married to each other?"
J&C: "Yes!"
Driver: "You are gay?"
We all kind of look at each other.
Driver: "I AM GAY TOO!" 
Shouts of laughter from everyone fills the car.

From that moment on it was easily the best LYFT ride I've ever had. And I believe it was the same for Jenn & Christina. It was 20-25 minutes of pure fun, stopping here and there for some pics at planned locations. The weather was beautiful, the car ride was beautiful, and the people involved were beautiful. Sometimes, things don't go as planned at weddings. And sometimes, if you are lucky, the things that don't go as planned end up being the best part of the day.

(Thanks to my buddy Scott for 2nd shooting ... a couple images in the post were made by him)