Art is expressive. It's designed to make you observe, question, and react .. and not always positively. Good visual art tells a story without using words. Each person interprets what they are seeing differently, altering and skewing the story to their taste. An artist will utilize tools at his or her disposal to visually create what is going on in their mind, not yours. We are inundated daily with monotonous, conformed images that rarely provide any meaning except to look pretty. Therefore its easy to condemn something that doesn't look like everything else, and that's ok. We are brainwashed to do that with many things starting at an early age. Hence outcasts, weirdos, and those non conforming individuals we don't now how to label, so we gawk at.

In a bubble where "one click presets" and fabricated photography reigns, any challenge of the norm is always greatly respected by me. I think all artists strive to create a unique voice, but few will truly ever achieve it. Artistic boundaries are meant to be pushed, and the desire to do so is what keeps me going.