Savannah + Chris. A Backyard Wedding in Lakeland, Florida.

On the ride over to the ceremony location, someone said "rain on your wedding day is good luck" and everyone turned to look at the monsoon building outside.  "I've heard that too many times already today," chimed in Savannah.  Every time someone tells me that from now on I'm going to take a drink."  "People just say that to make you feel better," someone says randomly.  

I just smirked, listened, and watched ... my finger on the shutter button.

When my plane landed in Florida the day prior, I walked out of the airport with my hoody on and hit a wall of humidity.  April is supposed to be a decent time to visit the swampy state in the South, but Mother Nature had some aggression to take out on this particular weekend.  It was 95 degrees while driving from Tampa to Lakeland.  When I went for a run that night I was sweating before I even got a 1/4 mile down the road.  I could have turned around and told anyone I just ran 5 miles and they would have believed me.  The forecast for Saturday kept changing the days before.  One hour it was 20% chance of rain, the next it was 90%.  I've photographed enough weddings to know not to pay too much attention to any of it and just take whats given to me.  

Saturday started off dry and humid.  Then the dark blue sky rolled in.  Just as I got into the car to make my way to Chris for a few shots of the guys getting ready, it started to drizzle.  As I left his house to go to Savannah's it was a steady downpour.  As Savannah put on her wedding dress, the clouds declared it was time and unloaded torrential rains on Lakeland, and so they did.  And that went on for the rest of the day.  We did get a little break in the rain during the ceremony, which happened to be indoors already.  So that didn't matter much.  But alas, it stopped a couple hours into the reception and people were able to finally get some fresh air and enjoy a few drinks outside.

We joked about it all after; the rain, the humidity, her dress being soaked.  You can only play the hand you are dealt, and in this case Savannah & Chris were dealt some pretty shitty cards.  But they rolled with it extremely well.  And because of that, it didn't matter what the weather was.  So here are some of my favorite images from their wedding day (which just so happen to be all b&w - I guess b&w and rainy days just work so well together) for you to enjoy //