Rachel & Chris. An elopement in Sedona, Arizona.

Its a joke between us now, but its still a great story. Before Rachel and Chris decided on getting married in Sedona, they knew they wanted me as their wedding photographer. Humbling, for sure. I had nearly 100 emails back and forth with Rachel discussing 2 or 3 different regions and 4 or 5 different venues. Every time a place was decided on, I'd get an email from Rachel saying it was changed. I remember laughing out loud a few times.  After much discussion, Arizona was chosen as the backdrop for what they had in mind. I admired their determination to find a place that suited them the best, not everyone would do that. Their wedding started off as a 100 person affair in Baltimore and ended up a 4-5 person elopement style wedding in the red rocks of Arizona. That's quite the shift but it paralleled their personalities and lives wonderfully. They chose wisely and ended up with some wicked images to remember it by. We laughed together, about all the emails, the night before their wedding over beers and burgers in an old, haunted, mining town. Those moments are the best, the unplanned ones that happen surrounding being invited to take pictures. I hope it never gets old.