Elizabeth + Jesse. An Anniversary Session.

I watched them through the branches of the autumn toned tree as they renewed their vows, just yards from me. I watched through my camera how she looked at him, and him at her, as they reread those words they each spoke aloud exactly one year prior.

I get to see a lot of things in regards to love, and you'd think I'd be an expert on it. Alas, I am not, haha. But what I have gotten good at over the years, is recognizing a deep connection where love is able to blossom and grow.

I watched Jesse and Elizabeth recite those vows they wrote as a stream trickled below their feet and down through rocks, carving a path into the land. That water, like their love, can only navigate through the obstacles directly in front of it. It can't possibly fathom what looms in the distance. But just like the water that does whatever it possibly can to push forward, these two will do the same. They will navigate life and around the obstacles in the best way they can. Together, through rapids, rocks, small and large crevasses they will hopefully settle into a lazy river that meets with the vast expanse of the ocean.

If any couple can make that trip, these two are it.