Retreat 2016 : Elk, California


It was decided early on in the discussions between myself and Nirav that we'd offer something refreshing to the photography world. We have both been in this industry for quite some time and have worked through growing pains and have been through many highs and low points.  I see posts online, seemingly daily, from photographers offering workshops, trips around the world, forums, conferences, and conventions. We immediately knew we wanted to offer something different to represent change and progress.  Openness and transparency in any industry isn't always at the forefront and we both were determined to counteract that.

More mental, less technical. More inspiring, less showing.  


Photography is an intimate medium. It’s the relationship between the subject and the person behind the camera. It’s extremely personal as the final image portrays the personality and atmosphere of not only the subject, but the photographer as well. If you photograph people you can often feel that connection happening in real time, and its extremely enjoyable. Because of this, it should be treated as a more valuable commodity. The focus shouldn’t be the photographer/s that are teaching, but the attendees present. It currently feels as though many workshops are mostly geared towards duplicating the style of a teacher. We had something different in mind where the focus was shifted from the leader and towards every person included.

And so we settled on a retreat ...


We decided to offer up our wisdom, advice, thoughts, and problems as lessons rather than what we use to edit, how we cull, or how we photograph people using models. We stripped the idea of a workshop down to its core, and realized it was no longer a workshop but a getaway with colleagues, like-minded individuals, and friends. It was more like a retreat. We didn’t want to have a special branded name for it, or sponsors. We only wanted to bring artists together in one place. We wanted to talk, bond, feel, inspire, and learn.  

We recently concluded this event (which was held in Elk, California) and to say it was “amazing” seems a bit lackluster.  It ended up being something more than what we had planned (just a day after the election). It was a gathering of a wonderful group of people, most of which didn’t know each other prior, at an amazing house in northern California. We spent nearly 48hrs together, well, just being together. I believe there is a place for workshops, especially instructional ones that teach you something hands on but I also think the concept of them has been taken too far. There’s no value in creating exact clones of oneself, it only feeds into the vanity of our current ‘like-happy” society. The value of any get-together should be to bring out the core potential of the artist. That should be the goal of any teacher regardless of the subject. Retreats are not something new. This idea we had is not something new, but it is something refreshing. It represents change and progress and personally, I think it's needed in this industry.


This retreat was led by myself and Nirav Patel.  Nirav and I are planning to hold another retreat, most likely in the same region, in November 2017.  Our goal is to release the details this coming spring of 2017, so if you what I just wrote sounds wonderful please be on the lookout for a release in a few months.  Until then, feel free to email me with any questions about it. - Michael