Kyli + Corey. A Whiteface Mountain Elopement in the Adirondacks.

At 1,500 ft above sea level, I got in the car with Kyli and we began the drive up to the summit of Whiteface Mountain in the Lake Placid area of the Adirondacks.

At 2,500ft Kyli's phone rang (it was Corey calling) but since we were in Corey's car, she couldn't figure out how to answer it.  His call was missed.

At 3,000ft I loaded film into my cameras.

At 4,550ft we parked the car and got out only to be struck by high winds and fairly cold temperatures.  Not too bad though, manageable.

At 4,610ft Corey and Kyli had their first look overlooking the entire Lake Placid region.  

At 4,750ft Kyli regretted having a "bit of a train" on her dress.  But she pushed on knowing the end result was going to be amazing.

At 4,867ft we summited Whiteface Mountain, admiring the view.  I spent a few minutes picking out a ceremony location.  

At 4,800ft Kyli and Corey were officially married by their friend.  It was at that point, right before their first kiss, the clouds began to roll in and I "lost my shit."

At 4,800ft Kyli and Corey were married in the freakin' clouds.  WE TOUCHED THE CLOUDS!

Between 4,800ft and 4,867ft we had an incredible little portrait session.  

At 4,867ft after "losing our shit for about 20-30 minutes, we began the trek back down to the cars.

At 4,600ft I snapped the final image of them walking off towards their car.

At 4,550ft I signed the witness section of the marriage certificate officially recognizing them as husband and wife.

At 1,500ft above sea level I was dropped off.  We said our goodbyes and I, for probably the 10th time in a 2hr period, "lost my shit" again.  It was an experience I'll never forget.