Theories & Techniques on Instant Film.

For quite some time, roughly a year or so, my friend Kiera and I talked about offering up our knowledge of instant film to others.  After hesitating for most of that time, we eventually announced the first ever Theories & Techniques on Instant Film workshop that took place at my studio in the Philly suburbs.

Honestly, I wasn't quite sure who would attend.  Or if anyone would want to.  We decided to keep it small and intimate and have a goal of 5 attendees.  We launched it only 6 weeks prior to the date we had in mind and just in that short period of time and we reached that goal in just a couple weeks.  Instant film has been gaining traction lately and it was really cool to see people interested in what is has to offer.

So on 3/29/15, we held the "Beta" workshop.  And quite honestly, it was a success.  The people/photographers that attended were absolutely amazing and super interested in the knowledge we had to divulge.  We were immersed as a group within an hour, discussing the history of instant film, where it's headed, the films and cameras out on the market, and how it's all currently being used.  A majority of the day was spent hands working with all the cameras we had to offer and even getting to spend a good amount of time photographing a model.  We fired off a whole bunch of packs of instant film graciously donated by The Impossible Project, pack film from Fuji, and even some expired film Kiera and I had lying around.  A lot of film was shot and a lot of fun was had.

Honestly, this workshop was a test.  I wasn't sure how I would feel afterwards.  But after everyone left and Kiera and I cleaned up the studio we both agreed it was amazing and we will be offering more of these in the future.  So, if you wanted to be there for this one but couldn't, don't worry, we will be announcing some new dates and locations soon.  In the meantime, check out all these stellar images taken by the group during the day.

And thanks to State Film Lab (the film lab I use and stand by 100%), Trillo & Son's Leather (which donated some wicked camera straps), and of course The Impossible Project (which gave me several packs of their film to fire off).  Thank you SO much for making this possible.