Mae + George. A Brooklyn, NYC Wedding.

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As a wedding photographer, I get to photograph friends - or friends of friends - often.  But getting the chance to photograph a really good friend doesn't happen nearly as much.  It's also, in my opinion, the most nerve racking.  I've photographed a vast amount of weddings over the years and only and handful have been for close friends.  Actually, I think I can count them on 1 hand.  So when one of your best friends ask you to photograph their wedding a few things immediately go through your mind:

1.  You're honored
2.  You're excited
3.  You're suddenly nervous

When my buddy George, who also happens to be my associate, asked me to photograph him marrying his best friend, Mae, at city hall in NYC those things went through my head.  On top of that, both George and Mae photograph weddings so they could have chosen anyone in the industry.  But mostly, I was super excited - especially knowing that George and Mae would plan something super cool and all I needed to do was tag along and document.  And that is where I tend to excel and relax the most ... documenting.  There is an added benefit of being good friends with your subjects ... they already feel comfortable around you.  I was going to be there anyway, I would just have a few cameras on me this time.

And so that is what happened.  George and Mae got ready at their apartment in Brooklyn surround by several close family and friends, did a first look on the rooftop of the complex, took the subway to Manhattan, got married in a few short minutes at city hall, took the subway back to Brooklyn, got some pics done, at a magnificent lunch, and then danced off the calories at a new bar just a couple blocks from their home.  I carried around too many cameras, fired off a ton of instant film, and just spent the day documenting a couple good friends having a blast.