Theories & Techniques on Instant Film


If you came up to me 5 years ago while I was still fresh in photography and told me that in 5 years I'd be a huge proponent and lover of instant film, I probably would have laughed you off.  But here I am, years later shooting both standard film and instant film constantly, running and instant film group, attempting to save film stocks, creating accessories for it, and fielding questions about it worldwide.  I am always willing to help out, divulge information, and answer any questions I can whenever I have the time. I do this because I love the medium.  On top of that, I believe the knowledge should be out there and there's no reason to keep anything hidden.  That being said, I've been considering teaching about the use of instant film for a quite some time.  I got on the subject at a conference in Argentina early last year (where it was a hit) but I didn't pursue it any further.  

Enter my friend, Kiera. Kiera and I became close friends after I photographed her family due to the fact that I shot instant film - and we've been friends since. About a year ago while at a wedding together she approached me with the idea of doing a workshop on it - and from that point it slowly (and I stress slowly) came to fruition. 

So on to the announcement:

I, along with Kiera, will be teaching a 1 day workshop at my intimate studio in the suburbs of Philadelphia on 3/29/15.  We are considering this a BETA workshop as its our first one - and hopefully leads to plenty of others. Therefore we are keeping the open seats super limited - preferably 5 but maxing at 7.  This "workshop" will be completely hands on and interactive.  Yes, we'll be showing you some techniques we personally use however the emphasis is going to be on HOW to use instant film - not always what we think is best.  You won't be following us around like a herd, there's no "how to succeed in business" aspect, its just a full day (8hrs or so) of super solid information about techniques on instant film.  It's going to be a lot of info and you are going to learn a ton. 

If this is something that interests you, please head on over to the page we have set up for it here:

We know people will be interested in this around the world and it will be hard to get to our area so the plan is to take this on the road.  I know of MANY instant film photographers around the US - as well as the world - and have plans to involve them in any way possible at future workshops.  I think it will be a great way for instant film photographers to keep the medium alive and well.  For now, it starts in the Philly area.  Remember, 5 spots for sure.  Max 7.  Its just over 6 weeks away (from this post) on a Sunday so act fast if you are interested!

Don't hesitate to email me with ANY questions: