Pease Family. Minneapolis, MN.

 Several years ago, Gene and I started chatting online.  We both started in photography at roughly the same time and went down similar paths so we were bound to cross paths sooner or later.  Each of us admired each others work but we just weren't able to meet up.  So when Nick asked me to come out to Minneapolis and photograph his wedding I was super stoked because I knew it also meant I'd be able to meet Gene and his family.  When I told Gene this news I knew he was excited as well.  BUT, then Gene asked me to photograph his family while I was out there.  I know I've mentioned this in the past but whenever a talented photographer asks me to photograph them I go through a whole bunch of emotions.  I get nervous, excited, happy, and humbled.  It's a crazy and wonderful feeling to have a colleague trust you and enjoy your work enough to have them want you to photograph them.  

Gene and Jill were blessed with Olly last year and this little dude is adorable and already has a vibrant personality.  All I had to do was let him explore and be himself.  He dished out the pictures to me and I just clicked the button.  We hung out as a family, Olly laughed - and cried - and we spent a couple hours just doing the family thing.  Only this time I was documenting it all on film.  I love this family.  Gene and Jill are stupendous people and welcomed me into their home graciously.  I liked them so much I didn't even mind sleeping in the near freezing basement while their house was being renovated.  I had a minimum of 5 blankets on the one night ;)  

All kidding aside, I've been enjoying photographing families more in the past year.  Spending time in MN and photographing both Gene and Ryan's family have just reiterated the fact that family sessions can be wonderful and scary and can yield some super awesome raw images.  Real images of family life and family time.  

I like that.