Stadler Family. Minneapolis, MN.

Quite often, life doesn't go as planned.  You get an idea in your head of what something will be like and you are sometimes pleasantly surprised or even let down or unimpressed.  The more time you have prior, the more your imagination takes hold.  Because of this, as a photographer, I try to block out how things will go at a wedding or portrait session.  This way, I'm present only in the moment and can utilize my skills and adapt to the situation.  This approach has always benefited me.

From a client's perspective, though, this is a lot harder to do.  Throw in 3 children and it becomes nearly impossible.  This was the case, I believe, for the Stadler family when I photographed them while I was out in Minneapolis last month.  I have an idea of what Ryan had in mind but as the session unfolded, things changed.  But they didn't change in a bad way at all.  As mentioned above, life doesn't always go as planned.  But thats what makes it so much fun to photograph.  Yes, the beautiful portrait shots up on a cliff looking down 5,000 feet are wonderful and so many portrait photographers are eager to obtain them.  But for me, that's not what I thrive on.  I thrive on the unplanned and unforeseen; the obstacles; the changes.  Things may not have gone according to plan for the Stadler family, but it didn't matter because what we obtained was a reality that you couldn't duplicate if you tried.  It was in the moment and raw.  It was wonderful.