Melissa + John. A Woodend Mansion Wedding.

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Every year, for me at least, a couple good Saturday dates stay available.  There's no rhyme or reason to it, it just happens.  I will get a good amount of inquiries for those dates but no bookings arise.  Usually its a welcomed break during a busy season.  In this case it was a weekend mid-October.  Melissa contacted me because the photographer she had hired was due to have a baby just days from her wedding date.  The photographer had emailed me earlier asking if I was available still and surprisingly it was - just a few months out.  In one fell swoop I was able to help out a colleague, help out a couple, and also book up a date that had remained open.  It was almost as if it was "supposed" to happen.  

Melissa & John's wedding was held at Woodend Mansion in Chevy Chase, MD.  I had never heard of that venue before and was pleasantly surprised to find it was pretty awesome.  The skies threatened rain all day (typical for this area in October) but fortunately it held off and they were able to hold much of the event outside - which I'm always happy with.