Aimee + Joe. A Tyler Arboretum Wedding.

Calm.  Thats how I describe Aimee.  

She sat on the stairs in the foyer of her childhood home for a few minutes before heading out to the venue to get married.  I was alone with her chatting about whatever came to mind - and snagging a few frames for her to remember this moment as well.  Some brides exude nervousness, some do not.  Amy was definitely the latter.  She was ready for this day, this time, and this moment and took it in stride.  

The weather: perfect.  The location: amazing.  The light: incredible.  The people: wonderful.  

Some times I photograph a wedding and afterwards I realize the day was a blur.  There may be several locations and logistics, weather and obstacles challenge me through the day.  This wedding was not that.  It was paced well, relaxed, and logistically simple.  As with most photographers, I thrive in these situations and here are the images to prove it.