Emily + Matt. An Appleford Estate Wedding in Philadelphia.

The tropical storm made its way up the coast line hitting the Outer Banks on Thursday.  It grazed by the island chain and headed northeast - threatening the Philadelphia area.  The Friday, July 4th wedding Emily and Matt planned at Appleford Estate could have been a completely different situation had the storm tracked more north instead of east.  But it didn't.  It hit the Outer Banks and went straight out to sea - only hitting our region with a bit of wind and pockets of rain.  In the morning it was gloomy.  By the afternoon the sun fought to be seen.  By ceremony time late afternoon the sun was shining and everything went according to plan.  Sometimes, in life, a storm will threaten your path or plan but in most instances, the storm won't make as much of an impact as you think it would.  It will simply pass you by.  Just like it did for Emily and Matt's wedding.