Amelia + Heath. A Philadelphia Elopement.

On a Thursday in July I received a phone call from Amelia.  Her and Heath were planning to elope in Philadelphia.  "Awesome, when?," I asked.  "Next Thursday," she answered.

7 days away and I was available.  Score.

I love these weddings.  It'd be very hard to support my family only specializing in elopements however its wonderful to mix a few of these in during a wedding season to vary the type of wedding I photograph.  The variety of a weddings are astounding.  Sometimes one has 250 guests.  Other times its 0 and I'm the only witness.  I think about this often.  Its incredible that I get to witness one of the my exciting and happy days of a person's life.  Not many people can say that and it doesn't go unnoticed.  

Back to the wedding.  3hrs.  Just me and the couple.  Old City Philly.  The ceremony was over before you could walk a city block and it was amazing.  The location, weather, and vibe of the wedding was exactly what Amelia and Heath wanted.  When that happens, my job just got a little easier.