Jessica + Alan. A Rehoboth Beach Engagement at Sunrise.

The longest day of the year is June 21st.  Just a week or so after that Jessica, Alan, and I decided to be brave and get ourselves out of bed super early ... 5am to be exact ... to make their engagement session happen.  As you know, sunrise in the summer is freaking early.  Too early in my opinion.  5:35am.  WHO DID THIS TO US?!

Due to some family obligations, at 9:15pm the night before I made the 3hr trek to Rehoboth Beach and arrived just around midnight.  I didn't fall asleep until around 1am and the alarm went off just 4 short hours later.  I snagged a coffee on the way out of the hotel - which was terrible -and got a text from Alan a few minutes later.  "Do you want coffee?"  

Yes.  Yes I do.

Coffee in hand, we walked a few minutes before dawn to the beach.  I've been wanting to photograph an engagement session at sunrise on the beach on the the east coast for a while.  I finally had the chance to with these two as they were willing to get up super early to make it happen.  I don't think a lot of people would but I'm really glad they did.  I'm pretty sure they were rewarded heavily for their commitment: