Gina + Mike. Engaged.

A couple years ago Gina contacted me out of the blue on Facebook and we started chatting pretty much right away.  Both of us are in the wedding industry, her passion being hair and make-up so we had many things to chat about.  Eventually we met up at a Starbucks and just talked about whatever came to mind - sitting there for a couple hours.  It wasn't long before we were setting up model sessions and referring each other for weddings.  Each of us respected the other person's work and we also got along great as friends.  So when she got engaged to Mike and they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was completely honored.  As a photographer, you must be doing something right when a colleague asks you to photograph them.  I trust Gina and she trusts me. She knows what I like to photograph and she understands my style.  So when we pulled up to the location for their session I already knew - before taking one picture - it would be incredible.  Everything lined up - the light, the location, and the couple.  If this is what their engagement session looked like, I can't even imagine what their wedding will be like.