Julia & Ryan. A Capon Springs Farm Wedding.

I drove on a dirt and rock road for a few miles after several miles of pretty much nothing.  3 miles takes a while when you can't go more than 15 mph or so.  Roughly 15 minutes later you come around the bend and all of the sudden it opens up and you find yourself nestled in the hills of West Virginia at Capon Springs.  Its a pretty cool place ... a time capsule so-to-speak reminding you of life decades ago.  Its quiet, the water is super clean, there's a nice breeze that blows constantly through the resort.  This is where Julia + Ryan chose to get married although they live just an hour or so north of me in PA.  Julia has sentimental ties to the location.  She would the resort every year at the same time since she was a child.  The family owned site shut down the whole venue to the public and allowed only wedding guests to stay there.  It was a pretty awesome experience - different than the standard "stay at hotel" experience I'm used to traveling for weddings.  It was also wonderful having my daughter and wife tag along.  Its a family friendly place and I figured bringing them would get us all away from the rhythms of normal life at home.  We all had a great time, the wedding was amazing, and its an experience I will easily remember.

Congratulations Julia & Ryan and thank you for inviting me to photograph such a special moment in your lives!