Ashleigh & Patrice. Married in Lausanne, Switzerland.

When I thought of a wedding in Switzerland before this experience, what came to mind was the Alps, lakes, pristine countrysides, and amazing views.  Switzerland had all that as I showed in the previous blog post.  But this wedding wasn't any of that.  This was local Switzerland.  It was a city hall wedding in Lausanne with a dinner following.  It was simple yet powerful, easy but challenging, small but packing a lot of punch.  It was French.  It was amazing.

I was invited to tag along at this wedding by my buddy Aron.  Ashleigh and Patrice were having 2nd ceremony and reception in the Toronto area where Aron is from but first, they were formally getting married in Switzerland where they live.  So they asked Aron to be a part of that - and Aron asked me to help him out.  It was an experience I will never forget. 

We spent a day with amazing and friendly people ... many of whom didn't speak much English ... but it didn't matter one bit.  Two families from different parts of the world got together to celebrate Ashleigh and Patrice and I was completely honored and humbled to be a part of it.  They made both Aron and I feel like we were home - and that we've been friends with them for a long time.  Their wedding wasn't what I normally would have pictured for Switzerland, but it ended up being breathtaking and amazing - even without the help of the Alps.  The city of Lausanne is absolutely incredible - one that will always have special meaning to me - and it was the most perfect backdrop to this wonderful couple's wedding.  It represented them beautifully.