For 4 days back in early June I was fortunate enough to travel to one of the greatest places - in my opinion - in the world.  Switzerland was absolutely incredible.  Granted I didn't get to see many parts but in the short time I was there I was able to pack in so much.  If you'd like to read more of an in depth review of the trip you can check out my online travel journal:  


My good friend, Aron, booked a small wedding in Lausanne and asked me to tag along.  While it wasn't an extremely last minute trip so-to-speak, it wasn't planned a very long time in advance either.  And I had weddings planned on the weekends bookending the trip already.  I knew it was going to be tiring and fast paced, however, I also knew it would be worth it.  

And that it was.  Here are a few pics that provide a good representation of the things we saw and did.  I will be posting the wedding pics shortly as well so be on the lookout for those.