Allison + Eric. An Engagement Session in West Village.

I've been heading to NYC a lot the past year or so.  More and more clients are living there and having their wedding in the Philly area so I get asked to photograph the engagement session where they live.  Pretty much anywhere in NYC is like a photographer's dream.  There are so many little features everywhere to photograph and so many unique and interesting parts of the city.  You could do a shoot on one block and move a block over for a 2nd shoot and those images will look completely different.  

Allison and Eric live in one of my favorite parts of NYC ... West Village.  The area is like one large movie set with cobblestone streets, tree lined streets, brownstones, gorgeous stoops, and the list can go on.  The best thing you can do is just walk around.  So thats what we did.  Add a great couple into a great area and things just work out nicely for pictures.  Everything just lines up and the shoot is fun, fast, and turns out wonderfully.