Rachael & Mark. Engaged.

The winter can be pretty harsh in the Northeast.  And this season, along with many other areas of our country was slammed pretty darn hard with winter weather - which in all honesty I did thoroughly enjoy.  However, it does complicate the picture taking process a bit.  Not so much for personal work, but for client work.  Most engagement sessions tend to be outside and its tough to get a groove and connection going when you are freezing your ass off, your clients can't stay warm, and your finger tips are completely numb while changing a roll of film.  So at the hint of the slightest decent weather, you will see people outside pretending its Spring when in reality its only in the 30's.  It just feels warmer.  

Thats what happened at Rachael & Mark's engagement session which was in a quaint little town outside Philly called Skippack.  The forecast for the Sunday we planned their session was a "balmy" 40 degrees.  Not too bad for late winter weather.  But, we did it in the morning so it was hovering around the freezing mark.  But still warm considering the amount of time the temperatures spent in the teens and single digits this winter.  Is there a better place to meet up than a coffee shop in the winter?  Probably not.  So we each had a cup of coffee to warm up and then wandered around town for a bit.  They handled everything wonderfully and it was a great start to the day.  I'm excited to be photographing their wedding nearby Skippack later this year.