A Gathering of Friends

Photography has allowed me to see areas of this beautiful country I may have never taken a chance on before.  And for that, I'm thankful.  In March of last year a group of film photographers decided to get together in Joshua Tree National Park for 5 days of (and I'll be honest here) nerding out with like-minded friends.  It was pretty low-key and we had a blast so we decided to try it again this year, but we chose a different location ... Zion National Park.  I've had Zion on my list of places to see for quite some time now and man, it did not disappoint.  Its incredible.  If you have plans to visit there you are in for a treat.  And if you don't or have been thinking about, do it.  Every direction you turn in Zion, and in Utah for that matter, is beautiful.  

I won't get into a lengthy description of all the details here but if you are interested, I did write up a journal of the experience which you can find here:  Ash Imagery Bonjournal

Instead, here is my experience in pictures.  I do that better anyway.